GG vs TL | S13 LCS Summer 2023

Game 1

Winner of the game: Team Liquid

MvP of the game: Yawn (for his critical performance with Kai’Sa, especially after completing the Rageblade, and being the richest member in the game)

Key moments in the game:

  1. Early Game Control by Team Liquid: Team Liquid controlled the early game, securing four out of four early game neutral objectives. They were able to build a lead but struggled to break Golden Guardians completely.
  2. Golden Guardians’ Comeback: Golden Guardians found a delayed ace in a critical team fight, swinging momentum their way. They secured the Baron and evened the gold lead, putting pressure on Team Liquid.
  3. Critical Team Fight for Team Liquid: In a decisive mid-lane fight, Team Liquid found the opportunity they needed. CoreJJ initiated, and the team followed up with a combination of plays, leading to a series of resets for Diego (played by Pyosik) and significant DPS from Yawn’s Kai’Sa.
  4. Game-Ending Push: After winning the critical team fight, Team Liquid pushed for the base, ignoring the respawning members of Golden Guardians, and secured the Nexus, taking Game 1.

The game showcased a back-and-forth battle, with both teams having moments of control. Team Liquid’s decisive mid-lane fight and their ability to capitalize on it by pushing for the win were key to their victory.

Game 2

Winner of the game: Team Liquid

MvP of the game: APA (for his crucial flanks and game-changing Pop Blossom ultimates that turned the tide of the game)

Key moments in the game:

  1. Golden Guardians’ Early Game Control: GG had a strong early game, maintaining a gold lead and exerting pressure across the map. They seemed to have the upper hand, with Team Liquid on the back foot.
  2. Critical Mid-Game Team Fights: A series of mid-game team fights turned the game around for Team Liquid. APA’s flanks and Pop Blossom ultimates were instrumental in these fights, allowing Pyosik’s Diego to get resets and snowball the fights in Team Liquid’s favor.
  3. Rapid Snowballing by Team Liquid: After winning key team fights, Team Liquid capitalized on their momentum, taking objectives and pushing aggressively. They utilized their Red Bull Baron power play to barrel through the mid lane, taking down the inhibitor.
  4. Final Push and Victory: Team Liquid continued to bait and outmaneuver GG, leading to more picks and a final push to end the game swiftly at 23 and a half minutes.

Game 2 showcased Team Liquid’s ability to adapt and seize opportunities, turning a challenging early game into a decisive victory through excellent team fighting and coordination.

Game 3

Winner of the game: Golden Guardians (GG)

MvP of the game: River (for his impeccable performance, being the only player in the entire game that did not go down, and choosing the right moments to engage)

Key moments in the game:

  1. Golden Guardians’ Early Lead: GG built a strong early lead, maintaining control and putting Team Liquid on the back foot. They played aggressively and took objectives, building a 9,000 gold lead at one point.
  2. Team Liquid’s Resilience: Despite being behind, Team Liquid found opportunities to turn fights around, with Pyosik’s Diego looking for resets and Yeon’s Kai’Sa scaling up. They managed to secure key dragons, keeping their hopes alive.
  3. Golden Guardians’ Composure: GG showed more stability and patience as the game progressed. They secured Baron and played a slow front-to-back style, not getting ahead of themselves, and focusing on objectives.
  4. Final Engage and Victory: In the final push, GG managed to engage on Team Liquid, with River leading the charge. They took down four members of Team Liquid and pushed for the Nexus, taking Game 3 and keeping their finals dream alive.

Game 3 demonstrated Golden Guardians’ ability to bounce back and adapt, playing with more patience and precision. River’s performance was a standout, and the team’s collective effort led to a well-deserved victory.

Game 4

Winner of the game: Golden Guardians (GG)

MvP of the game: Stixxay (for his aggressive plays and key pick-offs, leading the charge for GG)

Key moments in the game:

  1. Golden Guardians’ Early Control: GG maintained control in the early game, with Licorice on Ornn becoming a formidable tank, and River’s Kha’Zix applying pressure across the map.
  2. Team Liquid’s Struggles: Team Liquid found themselves on the back foot, struggling to find opportunities to engage. They were unable to deal with the tankiness of Licorice and the poke from GG’s composition.
  3. Baron Steal by River: A critical moment came when River stole the Baron from Team Liquid, swinging the momentum further in GG’s favor
  4. Golden Guardians’ Siege and Pressure: GG continued to apply pressure, utilizing their Baron buff and slowly chipping away at Team Liquid’s defenses. They maintained a disciplined approach, not overcommitting and focusing on objectives.
  5. Final Engage and Victory: In the final moments, GG found the engage they needed, with huhi’s Rakan initiating and Stixxay’s Kai’Sa following up with damage. They took down key members of Team Liquid and pushed for the Nexus, forcing a Game 5 and keeping their hopes alive for a reverse sweep.

    Game 4 showcased Golden Guardians’ resilience and ability to adapt. They played with more precision and control, effectively utilizing their composition to pressure Team Liquid and secure a decisive victory.

Game 5

Winner of the game: Team Liquid

MvP of the game: APA (for his game-changing flanks and Pop Blossom ultimates that led to key victories in team fights)

Key moments in the game:

  1. Back-and-Forth Early Game: Both teams played cautiously, with neither side gaining a significant advantage. The game was balanced, with both teams showing moments of brilliance and mistakes.
  2. Golden Guardians’ Mid-Game Trap: GG set a trap for Team Liquid after they secured Baron, catching CoreJJ and Yeon off guard. This led to GG taking an inhibitor and momentarily swinging the momentum in their favor.
  3. Team Liquid’s Ocean Soul Control: Team Liquid secured the Ocean Soul, providing them with a significant advantage in sustain. This allowed them to stay healthier in standoff situations and gave them an edge in extended fights.
  4. APA’s Game-Winning Flank: In a critical moment, APA found a flank that led to the elimination of Stixxay, one of GG’s key damage dealers. This play led to Team Liquid securing Baron and gaining control of the game.
  5. Final Engage and Victory: Team Liquid’s relentless pressure and well-coordinated engages led to a final push into GG’s base. Despite a valiant defense by GG, Team Liquid managed to take down the Nexus, winning the series and advancing further in the competition.

Game 5 was a thrilling conclusion to an intense series, showcasing Team Liquid’s resilience, adaptability, and ability to execute under pressure. Their victory was a testament to their teamwork and strategic play, as they managed to overcome Golden Guardians’ challenges and secure their place in the next stage of the competition.

Series Summary

The best-of-five series between Team Liquid and Golden Guardians was a thrilling and intense battle that went the full distance, showcasing the strengths, adaptability, and resilience of both teams.

Team Liquid started strong, securing victories in Games 1 and 2, demonstrating their ability to seize opportunities and turn challenging situations intso decisive victories. Their coordination and execution in team fights were key to their early success.

Golden Guardians, however, refused to go down without a fight. They bounced back in Games 3 and 4, displaying their ability to adapt and play with more precision and control. Their victories in these games kept their finals dream alive and forced a decisive Game 5.

In the final game, both teams played with everything on the line. The match was filled with back-and-forth action, strategic plays, and game-changing moments. Team Liquid ultimately emerged victorious, thanks to their well-coordinated engages, key flanks, and relentless pressure.

The MVP performances from various players, including APA’s game-changing plays and the consistent performances from other Team Liquid members, were instrumental in their victory.

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