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GG vs TL | S13 LCS Summer 2023

Game 1 Winner of the game: Team Liquid MvP of the game: Yawn (for his critical performance with Kai’Sa, especially after completing the Rageblade, and being the richest member in the game) Key moments in the game: The game showcased a back-and-forth battle, with both teams having moments of control. Team Liquid’s decisive mid-lane fight […]

NRG vs TL | Lower Final Playoffs S13 LCS Summer 2023

Game 1 Winner of the game: NRG MvP of the game: X Key moments in the game: The game was marked by back-and-forth plays, with both teams showing moments of brilliance. Team Liquid’s early lead was countered by NRG’s resilience and strategic plays, leading to an exciting and closely contested match. Game 2 Winner of […]

C9 vs NRG | Grand Finals S13 LCS Summer 2023

Game 1 Winner of the game: Cloud9 (C9) MvP of the game: Berserker (C9) Key moments in the game: C9’s strategic play, coupled with standout performances from Berserker, led to a dominant victory in Game 1. They maintained control throughout the match, capitalizing on NRG’s mistakes and executing their game plan effectively. Game 2 Winner […]

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